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  Institutional Stock Ownership 8.7%
 Institutional Mutual Fund Ownership 7.3%
 Mutual Fund Ownership 0.3%
 Insider Ownership 11.5%
 Other 72.2%

Shares Outstanding: 233,738,426

Institutional Ownership Details

Institutional Stock &
Mutual Fund Ownership:

Institutional Share Purchases 4.4M 3.6M
Institutional Shares Sold 938.0K 4.7M
Net Institutional Shares Purchased 3.5M -1.0M
Change in Ownership 10.22% -2.93%
Top 10 Institutional Holdings by Shares Held
Name Reporting Date Total Holdings Sorted in descending order. Position Value Outstanding
Shares Owned
Vanguard Group, Inc. (The) 12/31/15 6.3M $2.3M 2.69%
BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, N.A. 12/31/15 5.8M $2.1M 2.47%
BlackRock Fund Advisors 12/31/15 5.3M $2.0M 2.26%
State Street Corporation 12/31/15 2.4M $902.8K 1.04%
Northern Trust Corporation 12/31/15 2.1M $775.1K 0.90%
Eqis Capital Management, Inc. 03/31/16 1.4M $526.3K 0.61%
Renaissance Technologies, LLC 12/31/15 1.4M $516.0K 0.60%
Geode Capital Management, LLC 12/31/15 1.2M $449.2K 0.52%
Millennium Management LLC 12/31/15 1.1M $402.8K 0.47%
Bank of New York Mellon Corporation 12/31/15 706.2K $261.3K 0.30%

Mutual Fund Ownership Details

Institutional Mutual Fund & Mutual Fund (No 13F Form) Ownership: 8%

Mutual Fund Share Purchases 2.0M 1.6M
Mutual Fund Shares Sold 768.1K 1.1M
Net Mutual Fund Shares Purchased 1.2M 469.2K
Change in Ownership 7.39% 2.90%
Top 10 Mutual Fund Holdings by Shares Held
Name Reporting Date Total Holdings Sorted in descending order. Position Value Outstanding
Shares Owned
iShares Russell 2000 ETF (i) 02/29/16 3.4M $1.3M 1.46%
Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund (i) 12/31/15 3.3M $1.2M 1.42%
Vanguard Extended Market Index Fund (i) 12/31/15 2.1M $762.8K 0.88%
iShares Russell 2000 Growth ETF (i) 02/29/16 1.6M $592.7K 0.69%
Vanguard Explorer Fund, Inc. (i) 01/31/16 1.4M $516.8K 0.60%
Spartan Extended Market Index Fund (i) 01/31/16 745.0K $275.6K 0.32%
iShares Micro Cap ETF (i) 02/29/16 530.5K $196.3K 0.23%
College Retirement Equities Fund-Stock Account (i) 09/30/15 485.6K $179.7K 0.21%
Legg Mason Global Asset Mgt Tr-QS Batterymarch US Small Cap Equity (i) 12/31/15 391.3K $144.8K 0.17%
Schwab Capital Trust-Small Cap Index Fund (i) 01/31/16 388.7K $143.8K 0.17%

About Ownership Summary

The Ownership Summary indicates the percentage breakdown of a company's equity ownership by investor type, and is derived from multiple sources. Institutional ownership data is derived from filings of Form 13F, which investment managers must file quarterly if they manage at least $100,000,000 in equities. Institutional Mutual Funds are those funds that are connected with or a part of another 13F filer. Other Funds are those mutual funds that are not associated with a 13F filer. Mutual fund information is derived from forms NQ (quarterly) and NCSRs (annually). In addition, where possible, holdings information is obtained directly from mutual funds on a more frequent basis. Insider Ownership data, which reflects changes in ownership by directors, officers, and principal stakeholders, comes from filings of Forms 3 and 4. A Form 3 filing is an initial statement of ownership, whereas a Form 4 must be filed within two business days following a change in ownership by officers, directors and beneficial owners of a given company.

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