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    Twitter removes 273 accounts in the UAE and Eqypt that were targeting Qatar and Iran

    MarketWatch – 9:45 AM ET 09/20/2019

    Twitter Inc. (TWTR) said Friday it has removed a network of 273 accounts originating in the United Arab Emirates and Egypt, that were targeting Qatar as well as other countries including Iran. In a blog on its site, Twitter said the accounts were interconnected in their goals and tactics, and that they spread messaging that supported the Saudi government. "We also found evidence that these accounts were created and managed by DotDev, a private technology company operating in the UAE and...

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    Twitter suspends Saudi royal adviser Qahtani, fake Gulf accounts

    Reuters – 4:00 AM ET 09/20/2019

    * Qahtani was close confidante of Saudi Crown Prince. * Ran electronic army praising Riyadh's policies. * His team attacked perceived enemies online. * Twitter removes network of accounts in UAE, Egypt. * Suspends 259 accounts used by Spain's Partido Popular. By Foo Yun Chee and Katie Paul.

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    Twitter account of former Saudi royal adviser Qahtani suspended

    Reuters – 3:42 AM ET 09/20/2019

    Twitter suspended the account of former Saudi royal court adviser Saud al-Qahtani on Friday, nearly a year after he was sacked over his suspected role in the murder of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

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    Cloud company Datadog surges 50% in U.S. market debut

    Reuters – 12:19 PM ET 09/19/2019

    Shares of Datadog Inc (DDOG), a data analytics and cloud monitoring company, surged nearly 50% in their market debut, after pricing its initial public offering above expectations. Datadog's (DDOG) shares opened at $40.35, giving it a market capitalization of $11.69 billion.

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    U.S. social media firms say they are removing violent content faster

    Reuters – 12:23 PM ET 09/18/2019

    Major U.S. social media firms told a Senate panel Wednesday they are doing more to prevent to remove violent or extremist content from online platforms in the wake of several high-profile incidents, focusing on using more technological tools to act faster.

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    London police and Facebook move to stop live streaming of terror attacks

    Reuters – 1:00 PM ET 09/17/2019

    London police and Facebook (FB) said on Tuesday they plan to share resources to stop the live streaming of terrorist attacks like that in Christchurch, New Zealand, earlier this year. The Metropolitan Police will share video of its firearms officers training with Facebook (FB) to help the company develop technology to identify the live streaming of an attack on its platform.

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    Cloud firm Datadog looks to raise about $718 million in IPO

    Reuters – 7:55 AM ET 09/17/2019

    Datadog Inc said on Tuesday it was looking to raise about $718 million in an initial public offering that could value the data analytics and cloud monitoring company at more than $7 billion. Datadog counts companies such as Biogen, Comcast (CMCSA), Deloitte and Twitter among its customers and competes with industry behemoths such as Amazon.com Inc's AWS and Microsoft Corp's Azure.

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    Twitter restores some blocked Cuban official accounts

    Reuters – 1:29 PM ET 09/13/2019

    Twitter Inc (TWTR) has restored some of the accounts of Cuban state-run media, journalists and government officials it had blocked on Wednesday, although others like that of Communist Party leader Raul Castro remain suspended. Cuban officials have accused Twitter, a social media firm based in the United States, of mass censorship.

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    Washington, Silicon Valley Struggle to Unify on Protecting Elections

    DJ Business News – 12:49 PM ET 09/13/2019

    U.S. national-security officials traveled to Silicon Valley last week to forge deeper ties with big tech companies in hopes of better protecting the 2020 election from foreign intervention. It didn't go entirely as planned. At the meeting organized by Facebook Inc. (FB) at its headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., Shelby Pierson-- named over the summer to lead the U.S. intelligence community's new election-threats group-- delivered a blunt message to the assembled executives: You need to...

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    Walmart mass shooting in El Paso puts focus on new risk to retailers

    MarketWatch – 2:13 PM ET 09/12/2019

    A Pinkerton risk expert says discussions are taking place among retailers, which usually leads to action. The deadly mass shooting at a Walmart Inc. El Paso store has sparked questions about the risk of violence at the nation's brick-and-mortar retail locations, with one expert expressing confidence that there will be progress on safety measures, even if the move is minimal. Since the August 3 shooting in El Paso, Walmart has continued to make news after an armed man dressed in...

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    Twitter blocks accounts of Raul Castro and Cuban state-run media

    Reuters – 12:59 PM ET 09/12/2019

    U.S. social media firm Twitter Inc (TWTR) has blocked the accounts of Cuban Communist Party Leader Raul Castro, his daughter Mariela Castro and Cuba's top state-run media outlets, a move the Cuban Union of Journalists denounced as "massive censorship".

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    U.S. social media firms to testify on violent, extremist online content

    Reuters – 2:34 PM ET 09/11/2019

    Alphabet Inc's Google, Facebook Inc (FB) and Twitter Inc (TWTR) will testify next week before a U.S. Senate panel on efforts by social media firms to remove violent content from online platforms, the panel said in a statement. The Sept. 18 hearing of the Senate Commerce Committee follows growing concern in Congress about the use of social media by people committing mass shootings and other violent acts.

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    Facebook bans self-harm images in fight against suicide

    Reuters – 11:04 AM ET 09/10/2019

    Facebook Inc (FB) will no longer allow graphic images of self-harm on its platform as it tightens its policies on suicide content amid growing criticism of how social media companies moderate violent and potentially dangerous content.

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    Democrat O'Rourke presses U.S. social media companies to combat disinformation

    Reuters – 8:09 PM ET 09/06/2019

    Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke's campaign on Friday called on Facebook (FB), Twitter and Alphabet's Google to do more to fight disinformation ahead of the November 2020 election.

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    Three technology stocks to watch include Twitter

    MarketWatch – 12:37 PM ET 09/06/2019

    Also: Lattice Semiconductor (LSCC) and Sonos (SONO). Three technology companies, plus a medical-device maker, are showing strong technical momentum. Lattice Semiconductor Corp. (LSCC) gained 53 cents to $19.73 on 1.8 million shares traded Thursday.

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    Facebook, Microsoft launch contest to detect deepfake videos

    Reuters – 5:51 PM ET 09/05/2019

    Facebook Inc (FB) is teaming up with Microsoft Corp (MSFT), the Partnership on AI coalition and academics from several universities to launch a contest to better detect deepfakes, the company said in a blog post https://ai.facebook.com/blog/deepfake-detection-challenge on Thursday. The social media giant is putting $10 million into the "Deepfake Detection Challenge," which aims to spur detection research.

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    BRIEF-Twitter Says It Turned SMS To Tweet Feature Back On For A Few Locations That Depend On SMS To Tweet

    Reuters – 12:49 PM ET 09/05/2019


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    Yahoo down for six hours, users vent out on Twitter

    Reuters – 10:16 AM ET 09/05/2019

    Thousands of Yahoo email users took to Twitter on Thursday to complain that the internet company's services have been unavailable for more than six hours. Users in Spain, France and Germany were the worst hit, according to outage tracker website Downdetector. Yahoo said in a series of tweets that it was working to address the issue.

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    PRESS DIGEST - Wall Street Journal - Sept. 5

    Reuters – 2:14 AM ET 09/05/2019

    The following are the top stories in the Wall Street Journal. - Google, which is owned by Alphabet Inc (GOOG), and its YouTube video service agreed to provide new protections for children on its platform and pay a $170 million fine, in a settlement that sharpened government debate over how to rein in technology giants. https://on.wsj.com/2lSLsXw.

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    Facebook, tech firms meet with U.S. intelligence on 2020 election security

    Reuters – 8:25 PM ET 09/04/2019

    U.S. technology companies including Facebook Inc (FB), Alphabet's Google, Microsoft Corp (MSFT) and Twitter Inc (TWTR) met with U.S. intelligence agencies on Wednesday to discuss security strategies ahead of the November 2020 election.


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