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    RMS Expands Global Risk Views Coverage

    Business Wire – 10:30 AM ET 05/19/2022

    RMS®, a Moody’s Analytics company and world-leading risk modeling and solutions company, announces it will be launching new global views for acute and chronic perils and their climate change impact.

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    Moody's sees 'tough terrain' ahead for emerging economies as Russia-Ukraine war extends

    Reuters – 9:49 AM ET 05/19/2022

    Emerging economies will face a "tough terrain" for the next few quarters due to the Russia-Ukraine war, Atsi Sheth, global head of strategy and research for Moody's Investors Service (MCO), said on Thursday. While the overall picture is gloomy, commodity exporters will face better outcomes than other countries or companies, she added.

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    Jacksonville, Florida's credit profile improves as its finances stay strong

    SourceMedia Bond Buyer – 11:51 AM ET 05/18/2022

    Moody’s Investors Service raised the city's rating, noting noted a trend of strong finances, a diverse economy and a willingness to tackle pension issues.

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    RMS Advances Climate Risk Modeling and Moves More Models to High Definition

    Business Wire – 10:30 AM ET 05/18/2022

    Europe Windstorm, North America Winterstorm, North America Severe Convective Storm and Terrorism Models all move to High Definition.

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    RMS Launches New Cloud-Based Application UnderwriteIQ

    Business Wire – 10:47 AM ET 05/17/2022

    UnderwriteIQ joins TreatyIQ and ExposureIQ on the RMS Intelligent Risk Platform RMS®, a Moody’s Analytics company and world-leading risk modeling and solutions company, announces it will be launching a new application, UnderwriteIQ™, hosted on the cloud-based RMS Intelligent Risk Platform™. UnderwriteIQ enables underwriters to have greater control of risks by bringing hazard, exposure, and loss...

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    Moody’s Corporation Posted an Updated Management Presentation for Investors

    Business Wire – 7:00 AM ET 05/16/2022

    Moody's Corporation posted an updated management presentation for investors on its website, ir.moodys.com, on Monday, May 16, 2022. ABOUT MOODY’S CORPORATION Moody’s is a global integrated risk assessment firm that empowers organizations to make better decisions.

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    New York City gets an outlook boost as it heads into bond market

    SourceMedia Bond Buyer – 12:53 PM ET 05/13/2022

    Fitch Ratings revised its outlook on the city's AA-minus rating to positive ahead of a $1.08 billion general obligation bond sale.

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    Louisiana legislature tries again to implement pro-gun litmus test

    SourceMedia Bond Buyer – 1:33 PM ET 05/11/2022

    The Louisiana House passed a bill to limit firms that "discriminate" against the firearms industry from government business. A similar bill was vetoed last year.

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    Fitch maintains negative watch on Reedy Creek utility revenue bonds

    SourceMedia Bond Buyer – 10:23 AM ET 05/10/2022

    The special district formed for the Walt Disney Company (DIS) in Florida is to be dissolved under a new state law driven by Gov. Ron DeSantis.

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    Britain to decide this year whether to regulate ESG raters

    Reuters – 6:21 AM ET 05/09/2022

    Rules may be needed to stop the risk of greenwashing from "totally unregulated" environment, social and governance ratings used for investing in sustainable assets, an official from Britain's finance ministry said on Monday.

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    S&P action gives Illinois a trifecta of upgrades

    SourceMedia Bond Buyer – 5:10 PM ET 05/06/2022

    S&P followed Fitch and Moody's in raising the state's ratings but the upgrades so far haven't halted the state's spread widening amid market turmoil.

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    Moody’s Corporation to Present at the Barclays Americas Select Franchise Conference on May 10, 2022

    Business Wire – 7:00 AM ET 05/05/2022

    Moody’s Corporation announced today that David Platt, Chief Strategy Officer, will speak at the Barclays Americas Select Franchise Conference on Tuesday, May 10, 2022. ABOUT MOODY’S CORPORATION Moody’s is a global integrated risk assessment firm that empowers organizations to make better decisions.

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    North Carolina approves bonds for Charlotte, Asheville airports

    SourceMedia Bond Buyer – 11:54 AM ET 05/04/2022

    The state's Local Government Commission approved more than $1.5 billion in bond and financing agreements, including more than $600 million for the airports.

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    Moody’s Spotlights Its Sustainability Commitments in New Reports

    Business Wire – 7:00 AM ET 05/03/2022

    Moody’s Corporation published today its 2021 Stakeholder Sustainability and Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures reports. The reports highlight several sustainability and ESG milestones Moody’s achieved in the last year: Better Business Moody’s embeds sustainability across its operations and value chain.

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    Moody's Shares Drop On Mixed Q1 Results, FY22 Guidance Cut

    Benzinga – 9:51 AM ET 05/02/2022

    Moody's Shares Drop On Mixed Q1 Results, FY22 Guidance Cut

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    BRIEF-Moody's Corp Reports Results For First Quarter 2022

    Reuters – 7:22 AM ET 05/02/2022


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    Moody's Corporation Reports Results for First Quarter 2022

    Business Wire – 7:00 AM ET 05/02/2022

    NEW YORK---- Moody's Corporation today announced results for the first quarter of 2022 and updated its outlook for full year 2022.

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    Reedy Creek's outlook revised to developing from stable by S&P

    SourceMedia Bond Buyer – 2:42 PM ET 04/29/2022

    While the outlook revision reflects the view there is a one-in-three chance RCID's credit profile could be positively or negatively impacted, future events remain unclear, said S&P's Christian Richards.

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    Delayed amid pandemic, Kentucky refunding now hinges on rates

    SourceMedia Bond Buyer – 2:01 PM ET 04/27/2022

    The Kentucky Public Transportation Infrastructure Authority wants to sell up to $443.8 million in tax-exempt refunding bonds when market conditions improve.

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    Moody’s Analytics Adds Climate Risk Assessment Into Its Credit Lifecycle Management Solution

    Business Wire – 8:00 AM ET 04/26/2022

    Moody’s Analytics is pleased to announce that it has incorporated climate risk assessment capabilities into its flagship credit lifecycle management platform, the CreditLens™ solution. Increasingly, financial institutions worldwide are considering the impact of climate risks and opportunities on their business.


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