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  • How the Fed's funding struggles highlight the fragility of Wall Street confidence

    U.S. bank funding tumult may potentially shake consumer confidence. When obscure corners of the financial markets that are typically considered mundane draw outsize attention on Wall Street, it is always cause for investor concern. That was the case last week when surging overnight borrowing costs laid bare cracks in a key Wall Street funding mechanism, which left many scrambling for cash and the New York Federal Reserve responding by injecting hundreds of billions of...

  • U.S., Honduras discuss temporary work opportunities for Hondurans

    • BY Reuters|
    • 07:54 PM ET 09/21/2019

    The United States and Honduras are discussing how to increase temporary legal employment opportunities for Hondurans in the United States, as the governments work to hammer out details of an immigration agreement.

  • Oil prices need to go this high to push the global economy into recession

    Measured in 2019 dollars, oil peaked at $158 a barrel in 2008. Worried about oil prices after the weekend's raids on Saudi Arabia? You may want to wait until prices rise more before really getting scared about the risks to your job, your budget, or the economy.

  • Workers would get money and voting power under this radical profit-sharing idea

    Dividend-paying' inclusive ownership fund' offers employees a leg up as the pay gap widens. Americans are working hard, but employers aren't necessarily working for them. Now a radical idea to guarantee U.S. workers a cut of their companies' profits could one day force employers to cough up more of the wealth.

  • Stocks tend to rise in months after big oil-price jump -- but beware the drawdowns

    S&P 500, on average, returns 10.2% in the 6 months after a jump in oil prices. Major benchmarks were taking a breather from their upward September march Monday, after a weekend attack on key Saudi oil production facilities sent crude prices soaring and sowed uncertainty in global financial markets. But history shows that past episodes, albeit with some notable exceptions, haven't caused much harm to stocks.

  • UK Conservatives hold significant lead over Labour- poll

    • BY Reuters|
    • 04:14 PM ET 09/21/2019

    British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative party has a 15 percentage-point lead over the opposition Labour Party, according to a poll published on Saturday, ahead of a possible national election aimed at breaking the impasse over Brexit. The Conservatives garnered 37% in the Opinium poll for the center-left Observer newspaper, while Labour took 22%.

  • SoftBank mulls bringing 40 companies to Brazil

    • BY Reuters|
    • 04:00 PM ET 09/21/2019

    Japan's SoftBank Group Corp is considering bringing around 40 companies with high growth potential to Brazil and expects to announce a large investment in the country in around two weeks' time, the group's head in Brazil, André Maciel, said on Friday.

  • Bond King Gundlach says this contradiction in stock and bond markets is 'danger signal'

    Bond market telling a different story than stocks. Bond-market guru Jeff Gundlach says he's watching a few areas of the market to gauge whether the current bullish dynamic is starting to unravel in earnest. On Wednesday afternoon, during a CNBC interview, he said that he's sees some early cracks that are worth investors' attention.

  • Why the coming recession could force the Federal Reserve to swap greenbacks for digital dollars

    Paper bank notes are being upgraded for a digital future around the world. The Federal Reserve has never been more famous than it is today. It drew praise, and ire, for its handling of the financial crisis a decade ago, and the extraordinary measures it took subsequently to stimulate the U.S. economy have made it an important driver of financial markets.

  • Investors are too complacent about inflation and low interest rates, says Schwab strategist

    Critical information for the U.S. trading day. Between an attack on Saudi Arabia's oil and a credit crunch disrupting short-term money markets, there has been a lot to chew on this week. That's as a Federal Reserve decision looms for later.

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