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  • LIVESTOCK HIGHLIGHTS: Top Stories of the Day

    More Restaurants File Lawsuits Over Chicken-- Market Talk. 14:06 ET- More national restaurant chains file price-fixing lawsuits against top chicken companies. White Castle, Golden Corral and Cracker Barrel this week filed separate complaints in a Chicago federal court alleging that chicken suppliers including Pilgrim's Pride, Tyson Foods and others artificially inflated chicken meat prices by coordinating data and price reporting, and through direct communication...

  • USDA Weekly By-Product Value Hog Report - Oct 23

    NW_LS446 Des Moines, IA Fri, Oct 23, 2020 USDA Market News WEEKLY USDA BY-PRODUCT DROP VALUE The offal value from a typical slaughter hog for the week ended 10/23/2020 was estimated at 4.33 per cwt live, down -0.03 when compared to last week. CALCULATIONS FOR BY-PRODUCT VALUE- Lbs Price Change Value Prv/Wk Cheek meat, trimmed 0.28 99.50- 0.28 Chitterlings 1.26 42.00- 0.53 Ears, edible export 0.19 150.00- 0.29 Tongues, grn, bnls, sml bx 0.18 95.00- 0.17 Hearts, slashed, domestic 0.28 65.00...

  • China's Import Surge Drives Optimism in Dry-Bulk Shipping Demand

    China is stocking up on grains, metals and other commodities, providing a boost to industrial bulk shipping companies as Beijing braces for a potential new wave of supply-chain disruptions from rising Covid-19 infections among the country's Western trading partners. China is the world's biggest commodity importer, making up roughly 40% of the dry-bulk shipping market, and its rebounding economy has been driving a surge in prices for industrial commodities, including...

  • Brazil sugar cane company CTC files for IPO

    Brazil sugar cane company Centro de Tecnologia Canaviera on Friday said it will file for an initial public offering, the country's securities regulator said. The offering will involve primary and secondary offerings and seeks to raise funds for projects involving synthetic seeds and to invest in new businesses, including in biotech.

  • European Parliament Defends Veggie 'Burgers' Against Farmers' Objections

    The European Parliament has voted against a measure that proposed a ban on referring to vegetable-based products with meat-related terms such as' veggie burgers', in a blow to the hopes of the continent's livestock sector. Lawmakers rejected all proposals to reserve meat-related names to products containing meat, the European Parliament's Committee on Agricultural and Rural Development said Friday. The vote was 379 against and 284 votes in favor.

  • China Shanghai Rubber Futures Closing Prices, Volume

    Friday, October 23 2020 Natural Rubber Turnover: 1,003,748 lots Open High Low Settle Prev. Change Vol Open Settle Interest Nov-20 13,745 13,775 13,465 13,675 13,705 -30 1,167 3,089 Jan-21 15,000 15,050 14,675 14,865 14,810 55 882,796 239,673 Mar-21 14,865 14,960 14,605 14,785 14,705 80 11,628 8,878 Apr-21 14,820 14,920 14,585 14,770 14,685 85 7,902 7,849 May-21 14,770 14,905 14,545 14,750 14,660 90 91,860 66,930 Jun-21 14,790 14,820 14,580 14,740 14,645 95 173 265 Jul-21...

  • GRAIN HIGHLIGHTS: Top Stories of the Day

    Wheat Drops Amid Rain Forecasts for Major Growing Areas. Wheat for December delivery fell 1.1% to $6.22 3/ 4 a bushel on the Chicago Board of Trade Thursday in response to new forecasts for rainfall in Russian and U.S. wheat-growing areas over the weekend. Soybeans for November delivery rose 0.2% to $10.73 3/ 4 a bushel.

  • LIVESTOCK HIGHLIGHTS: Top Stories of the Day

    Sanderson Farms Board Extends Buyback Program. Sanderson Farms Inc.' s board extended the company's stock-buyback program for another three years. The buyback program-- which was most recently extended in May of 2018-- is now extended until Oct. 22, 2023. It was first approved in 2009..

  • China Shanghai Rubber Futures Closing Prices, Volume

    Thursday, October 22 2020 Natural Rubber Turnover: 1,029,104 lots Open High Low Settle Prev. Change Vol Open Settle Interest Nov-20 13,690 13,820 13,450 13,705 13,710 -5 957 2,939 Jan-21 14,785 15,050 14,540 14,810 14,810 0 895,010 238,562 Mar-21 14,600 14,970 14,450 14,705 14,650 55 12,388 8,764 Apr-21 14,570 14,960 14,415 14,685 14,595 90 8,982 7,846 May-21 14,660 14,935 14,405 14,660 14,580 80 102,512 66,397 Jun-21 14,610 14,880 14,490 14,645 14,570 75 285 234 Jul-21...

  • Commodities headed for bull market in 2021 on inflation fears, stimulus: Goldman Sachs

    - A weaker U.S. dollar, rising inflation risks and demand driven by additional fiscal and monetary stimulus from major central banks will spur a bull market for commodities in 2021, Goldman Sachs said on Thursday.

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