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  • BULLET: US EURODLR OPTIONS: Latest trade, * 5,000 short.....

    US EURODLR OPTIONS: Latest trade, * 5,000 short Sep 82 puts, 1.0 vs. 98.37/0.10% Earlier screen trade, ongoing put buyers * total 20,500 Dec 82 puts, cab * total 11,250 Dec 83 puts, .50

  • BULLET: US TSYS SUMMARY: US Treasuries open NY weaker........

    US TSYS SUMMARY: US Treasuries open NY weaker after mild risk-on mood, overnight 2way flow, firmer US stock index futures and stronger European stocks indexes. - TOKYO: Tsys receded as US stocks Mon in NY eked out small gain. Foreign central bank selling arose in 5Y, 10Y notes; could potentially be setup for next wk's 2/5/7Y Tsy auctions. US, S.Korea are in remaining 9 days of military drills; spurred saber-rattling from N.Korea of "merciless revenge." US Pres. Trump to add troops in Afghanistan, urged Pakistan to root out terror element. - LONDON: Tsys mainly ignored rebound in German Bunds and UK Gilts. Credit-tied sales, maybe a hedge into new issuance; also curve steepeners. Bank portfolios sold 5Y,10Y notes, with light FX-tied sales as US$ firmed vs. Jpn yen. Sep/Dec futures volume picks up. - US SWAPS: Bank rate paying in 5s done overnight. - EURODLR FUTRS: Mildly lower; recent buy of 8,000 Red Mar'19/Green Mar'20, 0.185. Apparent sale of 3Y Bundle at 7:50am ET, a block trade. - O/N REPO: Tsy 2Y, 5Y notes tight. - HIGH-GRADE US$ CORP ISSUANCE: SEK, Wld Bnk Tues; Wed DBJ 5Y, 10Y.

  • BULLET: US EURODLR FUTURES: Trading modestly lower across....

    US EURODLR FUTURES: Trading modestly lower across the strip, short end outperforming. Recent flow, odd-lot 3Y bundle sale/Block, earlier +8k Red Mar'19/Green Mar'20, 0.185. Current White pack (Jun'17-Mar'18): * Sep'17 -0.005 at 98.672 * Dec'17 -0.010 at 98.565 * Mar'18 -0.015 at 98.490 * Jun'18 -0.015 at 98.435 * Red pack (Sep'18-Jun'19) -0.020-0.030 * Green pack (Sep'19-Jun'20) -0.035-0.030 * Blue pack (Sep'20-Jun'21) -0.030-0.025 * Gold pack (Sep'21-Jun'22) -0.030-0.025

  • BULLET: US EURODLR FUTURES: *** Latest Block, 0750ET,........

    US EURODLR FUTURES: *** Latest Block, 0750ET, appears to be a sale * 3-Year bundle (Sep17-Jun20) on varied odd-lot volume across package.

  • BULLET: US TSY FLOWS: Tsy futures trading weaker,............

    US TSY FLOWS: Tsy futures trading weaker, following initial move in EGBs, holding near bottom of range while EGBs rebound slightly. US Pres Trump said will put more troops into Afghanistan, pressure Pakistan to not harbor terror affiliated group. Equities firmer (emini +3.25, 2431.25), gold weaker (-6.44, 1285.44), oil weaker (WTI -0.09, 47.28). - Asia, Tsys receded as US stocks carved out small gains. Flow included foreign central bank selling 5s and 10s, potential set-ups ahead next wk's 2/5/7yr note auctions. North Korea saber rattling, warns of "merciless" revenge as US and S. Korea continue in nine remaining days of military drills. - London, Tsys largely ignored rebound in Bunds and Gilts off lows. Sources reported credit tied selling and curve steepeners, bank portfolio sales in 5s and 10s, FX-tied selling as USD firms vs. Yen. Sep/Dec futures roll volume picking up. - Swaps, spds running mixed, spd curve steeper, bank rate paying in 5s noted - Eurodollar, modestly lower across the strip, short end outperforming. Recent buy +8k Red Mar'19/Green Mar'20, 0.185.

  • FOREX-Euro wilts vs broadly resurgent dollar

    * ECB head Draghi to speak at cbank symposium on Friday. * Bullish euro bets near 5-year highs - CFTC data. * Graphic: World FX rates in 2017 By Saikat Chatterjee.

  • Parallel currency proposal rocks Italian government bonds

    * Former PM Berlusconi said to support idea. * Italy yield jumps 8 bps to three-week high. * Italian/German yield gap pushes out to 170 bps. * Euro zone periphery govt bond yields By Dhara Ranasinghe.

  • BULLET: US EURODOLLAR TECHS: (Z17) 98.580-98.590.............

    US EURODOLLAR TECHS: (Z17) 98.580-98.590 Resistance Again The Interest Here *RES 4: 98.655 May 18 high *RES 3: 98.630 Jun 14 high *RES 2: 98.610 Jun 6 high *RES 1: 98.580/590 Jul 14, Jun 16 highs *PRICE: 98.565 @1005GMT *SUP 1: 98.535/545 Hourly support *SUP 2: 98.515 Initial recovery high Jul 6, now support *SUP 3: 98.495 Jul 6 low, 50% of 98.335-98.655 *SUP 4: 98.470 Apr 23 low *COMMENTARY* Finally saw some near term movement with the rally back above 98.560-98.565 resistance earlier this month. Now looking to see if this bounce has the impetus to trouble the next 98.580-98.590 area. Through the latter needed before we reach more important levels between 98.610-98.630. As a result, nearest support has risen to 98.535-98.545, with the 98.515 level still seen as key on the downside.

  • Sterling wallows near 6-week low vs dollar

    * Graphic: sterling and gilt yields * Graphic: World FX rates in 2017 * Graphic: Trade-weighted sterling since Brexit vote By Patrick Graham.

  • GLOBAL MARKETS-European stocks break three-day losing streak

    * European shares up on strong results, high commodity prices. * Euro slips, still at "risky" highs ahead of Jackson Hole. * Meeting of policymakers to dominate week. * Graphic: World FX rates in 2017 By Abhinav Ramnarayan.

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