EnerCom and Colorado School of Mines Announce Preliminary Presenting Companies and Keynote Presentations at The Energy Venture Investment Summit, February 16 - 17, 2022

DENVER, Jan. 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- EnerCom, Inc., a nationally recognized management consultancy, and Colorado School of Mines, a leading public research university focused on science and engineering, announced today a preliminary list of Presenting Companies and Keynote Speakers for The Energy Venture Investment Summit presented by Colorado School of Mines and EnerCom on Wednesday, February 16th - Thursday, February 17th, 2022.  The conference will be an in-person event hosted on campus in Golden, Colorado.    

The preliminary group of featured presenters include companies within the following industry segments:

Carbon capture and utilization; innovative well production and environmental water applications; low-cost hydrogen production; renewable natural gas; advanced materials coating, pipe corrosion testing and material testing instrumentation; advanced SCADA technology; 3D, solid-state, lithium-ion, rechargeable batteries; minerals and royalty analytics software; and environmental plug and abandonment solutions.

Our company lineup as of January 6, 2022 includes:

  • Aureus Energy Services - An ESG-focused water management company using sustainable and disruptive technologies.
  • Black Mountain Carbon Lock - A global carbon capture & storage (CCS) company participating across the CCS value chain to provide versatile, commercial-scale carbon management services to its customers.
  • Corrolytics - An innovative technology startup company founded from more than a decade of groundbreaking research to solve microbiologically influenced corrosion problems for assets in the oil and gas industry.
  • Cowboy Clean Fuels - Utilizes non-productive coalbed methane (CBM) reservoirs and agricultural byproducts to produce low carbon Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) through natural biological processes akin to anaerobic digestion.
  • ENGAGE - Synchronizes complex field workflows with authenticated business logic and financial processes, closing the data loop for supply chain, operations, and accounting teams in real-time.
  • ESal - After more than a decade of research, ESal has developed a revolutionary technology to change reservoir wettability by altering injected water chemistry.
  • Exum Instruments - Builds instruments and software ecosystems to increase the speed of development and discovery, offering easy access to high-performance at a low-cost. The Company's first instrument, The Massbox™, is the first Laser Ablation Laser Ionization Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer (LALI-TOF-MS) instrument on the market, capable of analyzing any sample you can throw at it.
  • FLITE - created in 2018 to develop the emerging science of surface functionalization into commercial utility at industrial scale.
  • Hydroacoustics - For over 45 years, Hydroacoustics Inc. (HAI) has been a world leader in the design and manufacture of unique high power, broadband, low frequency underwater acoustic sources based on continuous wave and impulsive source technology. The Company is currently in development of the Oil Recovery Tool (ORT), an acoustic source-based down-hole tool for increased oil production and prolonged lifetime of existing wells.
  • HydroStar - HydroStar USA has created the world's first completely green electrolyte to produce low-cost hydrogen without pollution.
  • Iron-IQ - A modern cloud-native SCADA platform allowing users to remotely monitor and control any device from anywhere in the world.
  • LandGate - The leading provider of information, data solutions, and an online marketplace for US commercial land resources: solar, wind, carbon, oil & gas, minerals, and water.
  • Prieto Battery - Prieto is poised to commercialize a solid-state battery that will deliver transformational performance.
  • TAQenergy – Works to responsibly abandon oil and gas assets and honoring the communities where they work by reclaiming the industry's footprint and providing a new canvas for future generations.
  • US Strategic - The Company was founded to leave a positive environmental legacy for future generations by capturing carbon dioxide and locking it away in safe and useful materials. US Strategic has developed patented technologies that seek to address two major challenges our nation is facing: the socio-economic effects of climate change and the foreign dominance of many critical and strategic mineral supply chains.

Presenting companies are being added daily. Please visit the conference website at www.theenergyventuresummit.com for the most up to date list and schedule of events.

Keynote speakers and panel discussions includes:

  • Morgan Bazilian, Director of the Payne Institute and a Professor of public policy at the Colorado School of MinesWith extensive experience as former lead energy specialist at the World Bank, Deputy Director at the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and a senior diplomat at the United Nations, Mr. Bazilian has over two decades of experience in the energy sector and is regarded as a leading expert in international affairs, policy and investment. His book, Analytical Methods for Energy Diversity and Security is considered a seminal piece in energy finance and security.
  • Digital Technology Panel discussion lead by ENGAGE will explore technology that can create efficiencies and lower costs in the broader energy landscape by automating workflows and help identify where investment is needed in the digital energy space.

Qualified members of the investment community are invited to request meetings with presenting company management teams by contacting Dan Genovese at dgenovese@enercominc.com or calling 303.296.8834.

Summit Format:  The Summit will provide invited presenters a venue to give a thirteen-minute in-person presentation that will be webcast live on the Summit website at www.theenergyventuresummit.com and recorded for replay to a world-wide audience on The Energy Venture Investment Summit, EnerCom's www.oilandgas360.com news websites and EnerCom's daily Closing Bell email newsletters.  Presenting companies and investors will have an opportunity to meet over cocktails and preview their presentations at Wednesday afternoon's Kickoff Networking Event. 

Attendee Registration Cost: There is no cost to attend The Energy Venture Investment Summit for qualified investors, with other registration classifications available at a small cost.  All attendees can register for the Summit at www.theenergyventuresummit.com. In addition to in-person and online access to all company presentations, panel discussions and keynote speakers, registration includes the opportunity for investors and management teams to meet over cocktails during the Summit kickoff prior to their presentations, as well as Thursday's breakfast and keynote lunch.

Investor One-on-One Meetings:  Investors will have the opportunity to request and schedule One-on-One meetings with presenting companies, upon request, through EnerCom during the Summit.  Qualified members of the investment community are invited to request a meeting by contacting Dan Genovese at dgenovese@enercominc.com or calling 303.296.8834 

Presenter Inquiries: EnerCom is currently accepting requests to present at The Energy Venture Investment Summit presented by Colorado School of Mines and EnerCom.  Please contact Dan Genovese at dgenovese@enercominc.com or 303.296.8834; or Werner G. Kuhr, Ph.D. at wkuhr@mines.edu or 303-241-5209 with any questions and for conference participation details.  Top presenting companies will be invited to present the EnerCom Dallas investor and ESG conference in Dallas on April 6th - 7th 2022. 

Sponsorship Opportunities: Please contact Aaron Vandeford at avandeford@enercominc.com or 303.296.8834; or Emily Kelton at ekelton@mines.edu or 303.273.3148.

About EnerCom, Inc.

EnerCom (Energy Communications) has a rich history of working with clients to differentiate and deliver targeted messages to investors.  EnerCom, Inc. is an internationally-recognized management consulting firm advising companies on Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG), investor relations, corporate strategy/board advisory, marketing, analysis and valuation, media, branding, and visual communications design.

For more information about EnerCom and its services, please visit http://www.enercominc.com/ or call +1 303-296-8834.

About Colorado School of Mines

Colorado School of Mines is a public research university focused on science and engineering, where students and faculty together address the great challenges society faces today - particularly those related to the Earth, energy and the environment.

For more information about Colorado School of Mines, please visit https://www.mines.edu/ or contact Emilie Rusch, Director of Communications at 303-273-3361 or erusch@mines.edu.

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Oil & Gas 360.com is a one-stop source of news, information, and analysis from the professionals at EnerCom, Inc.  The website is dedicated to all things energy: people, technologies, transactions, trends, and macro-economic analysis that impact our industry. Our goal with OAG360 is to be a trusted source of information and analysis for:

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Event Sponsors Include:


ENGAGE's mission is to simplify the B2B transaction process by automating financial workflows. Simply digitizing paper processes has been commercialized by many solutions, however, ENGAGE is the first to use predictive scheduling and data validation to reduce touchpoints and eliminate redundant processes, thus changing the way transactions are scheduled, managed and approved. Additionally, layering on ENGAGE's E-invoicing platform automates your workflows end-to-end, from scheduling services all the way through payment processing. One automated platform, order to payment. 

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