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Cannibble Foodtech Brand 'The Pelicann' Hemp Based Products Available Soon On

Cannibble Foodtech Ltd., (CSE:PLCN) is an Israeli food tech company that produces premixed foods, beverages, nutritional supplements and spices infused with active and non-active cannabidiols where legal to do so. The company announced that Walmart NYSE:WMT Marketplace has approved its "The Pelicann" products Hemp protein Shakes & Hemp Protein Cake Mixes for sale and will be available soon on

The products contain organic hemp seeds oil and high protein levels of pure hemp protein and are sugar-free.

"This achievement is a significant growth factor for our The Pelicann brand. Our products will be displayed on Walmart's online marketplace, available for viewing by millions of visitors each month," Yoav Bar Joseph Cannibble's CEO stated.

The Pelicann product sales will be processed via Walmart's secure checkout, including shipping and returns or exchanges.

"Walmart Marketplace will allow us to piggyback on Walmart's reputation and massive online audience to sell our products. If that sounds good, stay tuned as there is more to come," Bar Joseph added.

Photo: Courtesy of Cannibble Foodtech Ltd.

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