High-Performance Polymers Market is Growing at 8.1% CAGR During forecast period Says Brandessence Market Research

LONDON, May 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- According to Brandessence market research, the High-Performance Polymers Market size is Expected to grow at 8.1% CAGR during 2022-2028, Rising demand of electric vehicles, growing healthcare industry and increasing demand from consumer electronics are some of the major factors driving the growth of Global High-Performance Polymers Market. According to the most recent study by Brandessence Market Research & Consulting Pvt ltd.


The global high performance polymers market has been expected to perform at great level as far as growth is considered in the coming years as there is a usage being found in many different industries. There are manufacturers who are using the solutions for providing hardware solutions which are reliable for the connected and autonomous vehicles. These companies are becoming aware that the hotter, faster and reliable solutions are important for the current world. 

There is a trend that the safe and clean cars will bring a better tomorrow where it comes to the climate change and the high performance polymers are essential for the automotives. For improving the mobility experiences, the manufacturers have been increasing the availability for the polymers that are reliable and adhere to the regulations of the city and meet the expectations of consumers. The manufacturers have been increasing their efforts for meeting the demand for the applications of powertrain, chassis, engine and transmission.

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High Performance Polymers Market: Segmentation Analysis

In terms of segmentation, the global high performance polymers market has been segmented on the basis of product and the volume. When it comes to the product, PPA segment has been dominating the market. This is due to the usage it finds in the different systems such as the tubing systems, brake systems. Fuel line connectors, air intake systems and engine coolant components. There is a demand for the PPA as it reduces automobile weight all over the world. When it comes to the volume, the powertrain and engine application has been expected to dominate the global high performance polymers market in the coming years. Usage can be found in the powertrains as the lighter powertrain systems help the enhancement of fuel efficiency. Replacing metal components with the light weight polymers is offering a positive change in the way the powertrain systems have been produced and designed. This has been made possible partly because of their properties which are offered by the high performance polymers.

By Product Type:

  • Fluoropolymers
  • Polyphenylene Sulphide
  • Polyamides
  • Sulfone Polymer
  • Liquid Crystal Polymer
  • Other

By Application:

  • Automotive
  • Electronics & Electrical
  • Medical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Industrial
  • Others

High Performance Polymers Market: Key Drivers

The major driver of the global high performance polymers market is the fact that the advanced plastics and polymer composites have been serving as a major part of the automotive designs. For improving the safety and the vehicle performance, the manufacturers of the market have been increasing the availability of the polymer composites which facilitate the fuel economy and make an improvement in the battery technology of the vehicle. The automotive divisions are now tapping into the opportunities in the revolution of personal mobility and that involves the artificial intelligence and market landscape of the self-driving cars.

There is an unparalleled combination of the properties in the polymer materials which is transforming the interiors of vehicles. The companies in the market have been boosting their capacities for the modernization of the transport infrastructure. The electric and connected vehicles have been storming the high performance polymers market. There are market giants which offer the vehicle interiors that are as per the modern needs and that require the products in this market to be used. The manufactures have been developing polymers which are easy to be washed, resistant to the dirt and in terms of their sensory satisfaction.

There are different types of polymers like the liquid-crystal polymers, ferroelectric polymers and electroactive polymers which have been coming into the limelight. The ferroelectric polymers have been used for designing the acoustic speaker systems in the vehicles for leveraging the sound output and reduction of their weight. The stakeholders in this high performance polymers market have made a huge investment in their research and development for the higher end vehicles as the traditional speakers weigh really heavy and can go up into many dozen kgs.

The companies have been focusing on innovation in their applications in the powertrains and engines. The OEMs have been tapping into the properties of the high performance polymers which are of the new generation to replace the metal and standard polymers in the transmissions, engines and the other powertrain components.

High-Performance Polymers Market report covers prominent players like

A few key players in the global high performance polymers market are 3M, DuPont, , Resirene, MC Polymers, Solvay, Arkema, Celanese, Victrex, Chevron Phillips, and Sabic Global technologies among others. These companies are investing heavily in technological upgradation to meet the needs of the growing environment.

  • DuPont
  • 3M
  • Solvay
  • Resirene
  • MC Polymers
  • Celanese
  • Arkema
  • Chevron Phillips
  • Victrex
  • Sabic Global technologies

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High Performance Polymers Market: Key Trends

As of now, high performance polymers have been employed really extensively in their automotive applications by the body part manufacturers and in the creation of interiors, dashboards, exteriors, speedometers, steering wheels, armrests, engine components and powertrains as well as structural components. The polymers are providing the weight savings in comparison to the metals. These are used frequently in many components like the thrust washers, bearings, bushings, gears and shift fork wear pads. These are weight savings, low friction coefficient, wear rates being low are transforming the system.

There are companies in the global high performance polymers market for the automotives which were operational during the covid pandemic but these were only a few companies which could get some permissions from the authorities. Otherwise, there were companies which were forced to shut down due to the pandemic. There were orders which restrained the companies from being in the market and therefore the chemical makers had to make restructurings and plan their debts. The auto plants however are opening back up post the end of the pandemic and the engineering polymers have now been received. These are trends which are opportunities for the global high performance polymers market. There is a full recovery expected in the world as the revenue comes in and the industry opens in the world.

Recent Developments:

News: Omniseal Solutions Makes Business Decision to Conclude Rulon Distribution Partnership with Fluorten

On February 17th, 2022; Omniseal Solutions had settled on the business choice to close their Rulon material circulation partnership with Fluorten. Omniseal Solutions will work directly with momentum and new clients, proceeding with their worldwide but local client driven methodology. This business bearing is important for their system to develop nearer relationships with OEMs in designated industries like industrial and aviation where the fluoropolymer arrangement is broadly used because of its dependability and long- time wear and friction performance in basic applications. Omniseal Solutions will better comprehend client challenges as well as work together with them to develop high-performance, polymer solutions for handle future prerequisites.

Filamentive Launched High Performance Polymers for Industrial 3D Printing

On July 28th, 2021; UK 3D printing filament brand, Filamentive, announced the launch of Filamentive PRO – a specialised portfolio of high performance 3D printing polymers for engineering applications. With hardware innovation enabling desktop FFF / FDM 3D printers to be capable of printing high temperature materials, high-performance polymers such as PEEK, PEKK, PPSU and ULTEM can now be utilised by engineers to create custom, high-value parts for critical applications.

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Nexa3D Launched New High-Performance Polymer Material for Production Parts and Tools

On May 31st, 2021; Nexa3D, the maker of ultra-fast Stereolithography 3D printers, announced the immediate availability of its latest high-performance polymer material, the xCE-Black, formulated for producing end-use plastic parts and injection moulding tools in minutes. Nexa3D's new material is a single cure polymer that delivers higher flexural strength compared to those typically achieved only in dual cure cyanate ester resins. xCE-Black has excellent isotropic properties and exhibits long-term environmental stability making it well suited for a variety of automotive parts, electronics and many industrial components as well as the production of injection moulding tools.

Reginal Analysis:

In terms of region, the global high performance polymers market has been dominated by the North American region. There is a rise in demand for the high performance polymers in the region due to the rise in adoption of electronics and electrical appliances in the medical industries. The demand is also there in Europe with the region being a growing transport hub. Asia Pacific will grow too as transportation heads towards cleaner energy.

On Special Requirement High-Performance Polymers Market Report is also available for below region:

North America

  • U.S, Canada


  • Germany, France, U.K., Italy, Spain, Sweden, Netherland, Turkey, Switzerland, Belgium, Rest of Europe


  • South_Korea, Japan, China, India, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Rest Of APAC

Latin America

  • Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Rest of Latin America

Middle East and Africa

  • Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, South Africa, Rest Of MEA

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