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KPMG's New Report: 'Psychedelic Drugs: A Market Poised For Takeoff' Exudes Promise For The Industry

The multinational company KPMG, part of the main group of internationally-expanded enterprises offering audit, assurance, taxation, management consulting, actuarial, corporate finance and legal services, has just issued a special report directed to big pharma companies regarding psychedelics for medical purposes. 

The fact that one of the Big Four companies dedicates even a small release on the beneficial impact of psychedelics on health should be seen as a step forward in validating this industry's potential growth and future projection to major, more traditional investors who might still be hesitant about whether to enter.

Not to be overly positive, but if they were to invest, not only would public opinion take a big leap and work in favor of the eventual access of patients to these medicines, but a sound shot of capital flowing through the sector would most likely allow for further studies to be undertaken and more compounds to be developed in an industry aimed at healing mental health conditions and diseases world-wide.    

In a concise manner, the paper goes through a set of development watersheds that would drastically change the psychedelics market, including positive results on clinical trials, reimbursement options for treatments, a further investigation of drug-therapy combinations needed for treating each mental health disorder, drug discovery and patent/IP issues, and a legal framework that is responsive to both successes in studies and to the major health crisis.

The report highlights recent successes in clinical trials and states that "psychedelics may soon move to the medical mainstream," while offering consulting services to those pharmaceutical companies considering getting into the nascent industry.

Photo Courtesy of qimono on Pixabay.

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