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REIT's On The Move: VICI Properties Down, Realty Income Up

VICI Properties Inc NYSE:VICI dropped by 0.75% Wednesday on lighter volume than previous trading sessions this week:

Chart source: StockCharts

The New York, New York-based real estate investment trust owns significant Las Vegas properties including Caesars Palace, The Venetian and MGM Grand. VICI is attractive to income-oriented investors with its dividend of 4.92%.

That's quite a trading range with a low in January at $25.50, a nice rally up to $33.50 and then the heavy volume selling in June that took it down to $27.50 before this week's bounce back upward.

Hear VICI CEO, Ed Pitoniak, on The Lazy Landlord Podcast discussing the importance of owning dividend-paying stocks.

Realty Income Corp NYSE:O, probably the most widely-followed of all the REITs, gained 1.41% at the open on Thursday, making it 4 days of the last 5 for upward movement:

Chart source: StockCharts

The big net-lease real estate investment trust is making its investors happy with a 4.92% dividend yield. Wells Fargo & Co. NYSE:WFC analysts recently named Realty Income as "one of the 10 best recession stocks to buy" - just in case a recession happens to show up.

Note that the units are down from an April high of almost $75 and up from a mid-June low of $62.50. The positive divergences on the relative strength indicator and the moving average convergence/divergence indicator (below the price chart) may be a good sign for the REIT.

An Alternative Option

Publicly traded REITs aren't the only option for adding passive real estate investments to your portfolio. A lot of investors prefer the stability of non-traded REITs, such as this one with an 8.4% dividend yield.

Other investors prefer the greater upside potential with private equity real estate through crowdfunding or syndication. You can even browse current offerings from all of the top platforms and syndicators with Benzinga's Offering Screener.

Not investment advice. For educational purposes only.

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