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Reseat Unveils Digital Tool to Revolutionize the Lifecycle of Commercial Furniture

SAN JOSE, Calif., June 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Reseat, the award-winning digital platform and marketplace dedicated to giving furniture a second life, continues to innovate with the launch of its Reseat ID Enterprise Tool, cementing its role as a sustainability vanguard in the commercial furniture industry. Created with businesses and designers in mind, the new Enterprise Tool allows companies to track inventory, move, sell and donate furniture – giving businesses a plan for the whole lifecycle of furniture right at the point of purchase and designers a competitive edge and marketplace to shop.

“There is no vaccine for saving the planet, we have to act now and think forward,” states Reseat Founder and CEO Brandi Susewitz. “Our goal is to be both a solution provider and a disruptor to the current commercial disposal culture, which has 99% of office furniture headed for landfills after 5-10 years. This new membership-based tool offers businesses, facility managers, dealers, vendors, manufacturers, architects, and designers an opportunity to become change agents with a proactive plan to take action now – empowering them to partner in the upcycling process and keep products out of the waste stream by leveraging a massive inventory of upscale furnishings while they are still in use.”

Embodying the circular economy framework, the addition of the Enterprise Tool brings Reseat’s revolutionary platform full circle. Reseat’s website delivers a service-driven roadmap for the circular lifecycle of furniture with three solutions: 1) Reseat ID – a detailed inventory tool or “ID” at the point of purchase, complimented by the 2) Reseat ID Enterprise Tool – a resource for regeneration designed to keep products in use with the ability to move, sell or donate, and 3) Reseat Marketplace – an e-commerce site to specify, purchase and sell furniture from a diverse inventory of top brands. To fully appreciate the benefit of the new Enterprise Tool, one must comprehend the entire thoughtfully created Reseat ecosystem, starting with Reseat ID.


Reseat ID is a digital project management resource for dealers, designers, and vendors to seamlessly import furniture inventory, track specification logistics, and assist in record-keeping across all locations. At this stage, dealers and facility managers are aggregating new information to create a viable, proactive plan for the second life of the furniture. Reseat ID can upload or import orders manually or automatically with a SIF file (the same file that dealers use to place orders with manufacturers) to the platform at no cost to the user.

By adding 50% of a business’ project inventory to Reseat ID, the company is classified as a “Preferred Reseat ID Dealer” and earns a handful of perks, including a 10% trade discount on marketplace items and a hassle-free return policy. Like all of Reseat, this identification tool can be accessed anywhere in the US and provides the opportunity for companies to receive BIFMA and LEED building credits by participating in the commercial circular economy and reducing office landfill waste. 


The new membership-based upgrade to Reseat ID, the Enterprise Tool, is the key lifecycle stage where information is pulled from the Reseat ID inventory, allowing customers to sell, move, or donate their furniture from an easy-to-use website dashboard. The Enterprise Tool membership includes a dedicated account manager to easily coordinate requisitions on behalf of the company, intuitively moving the furniture into its next life. Membership fees are customized based on project square footage and number of items to manage.

As the Reseat Enterprise Tool finds the furniture a new home, the previous owner reaps the benefit, collecting 15-70% of the profit depending on involvement preference. The dashboard features the ability to communicate with potential buyers, receive status updates, and schedule deliveries, all designed to support the circular economy in connecting to the Reseat Marketplace.


The Reseat Marketplace, the most fundamental aspect of the platform, is a transparent and curated design resource to source a wide range of pre-owned products, including traditional office furniture, communal space furniture, accessories, and more. Designers and architects can filter their search by location, brand, product type, quantity, and price - privy to all necessary design information uploaded from the Reseat ID stage. All furniture within the Reseat platform is vetted and priced at Fair Market Value (FMV), equating to an average cost markdown of 40% cost based on the item's age and barcode specifications.


As businesses are simultaneously challenged to integrate sustainable practices and reimagine the workplace to adapt to hybrid work, WFH, and in-office models, there is a high demand for spaces to be re-designed, repurposed, downsized, and/or sold.  This need not only propels new furniture purchases, it also displaces a massive inventory of high-end furniture. Leveraging Reseat’s forward-thinking tech-driven platform and marketplace, now turbo-charged with the Enterprise Tool, companies can proactively plan for the future, take steps toward meeting their pledged net-zero goals and receive LEED points. Similarly, design professionals, whether shopping on the site for previously owned furniture or activating an afterlife plan for new furniture, can note the ‘circular project’ on RFPs for clients and receive data on carbon emissions savings.  

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Dedicated to the mission of breaking the cycle of office furniture waste, Reseat was founded in 2020 by furniture industry veteran and visionary, Brandi Susewitz to automate and transform the process of reselling high-quality office furniture across the United States. In its inaugural year, Reseat saved more than 3 million pounds of furniture from the landfill by working with companies like Uber, Oracle, Yelp, and Square on projects ranging from whole office relocations to outfitting office redesigns. Recently named one of Fast Company's 2022 Most Innovative Companies, Reseat provides both a marketplace platform used to buy/sell/donate pre-owned commercial inventory, along with services for end-to-end support - unlocking a new, viable solution for companies to incorporate sustainable practices when designing or moving workspaces.


  • Brandi Susewitz, Founder and CEO of Reseat
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Source: Reseat

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