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A Look Into Energy Sector Value Stocks

What are Value Stocks?

A value stock is traditionally defined in terms of how investors in the marketplace are valuing that company's future growth prospects. Low P/E multiples are good base indicators that the company is undervalued and can most likely be labelled as a value stock.

Benzinga Insights has compiled a list of value stocks in the energy sector that may be worth watching:

  1. California Resources NYSE:CRC - P/E: 4.49
  2. Shell NYSE:SHEL - P/E: 5.74
  3. PBF Energy NYSE:PBF - P/E: 2.66
  4. TotalEnergies NYSE:TTE - P/E: 6.47
  5. Gran Tierra Energy AMEX:GTE - P/E: 3.33

California Resources has been featured as a value stock. California Resources's Q2 EPS sits at $1.13, which has not changed since last quarter (Q1). Most recently, the company reported a dividend yield of 1.54%, which has increased by 0.01% from last quarter's yield of 1.53%.

This quarter, Shell experienced an increase in earnings per share, which was $2.4 in Q1 and is now $3.08. Its most recent dividend yield is at 3.89%, which has increased by 0.38% from 3.51% in the previous quarter.

PBF Energy saw an increase in earnings per share from 0.35 in Q1 to $10.58 now. Most recently, the company reported a dividend yield of 4.15%, which has increased by 0.42% from last quarter's yield of 3.73%.

TotalEnergies has reported Q2 earnings per share at $3.75, which has increased by 10.29% compared to Q1, which was 3.4. The company's most recent dividend yield sits at 5.09%, which has decreased by 0.25% from 5.34% last quarter.

Most recently, Gran Tierra Energy reported earnings per share at $0.14, whereas in Q1 earnings per share sat at $0.04.

The Significance: A value stock may need some time to rebound from its undervalued position. The risk of investing in a value stock is that this emergence may never materialize.

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