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ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Allied Copper Corp. (CPRRF), (“Allied”), proudly announced this week that its lithium-focused division, Volt Lithium Corp (“Volt” or the “Company”) has achieved 93% lithium recoveries from its proprietary extraction technology, called IES-200.

Volt, using its proprietary oilfield brine treatment system, has been able to successfully remove 99% of contaminants from oilfield brines --- a crucial part in ensuring the high purity levels required for salable lithium.

Volt uses a two-step process to extract lithium from oilfield brine. Step One involves the oilfield brine being treated with proven equipment to remove contaminants and prepare clean brine for the DLE process. During Step Two, Volt uses the Company’s proprietary IES-200 technology to extract the lithium from the brine and concentrate it into a lithium chloride solution that will ultimately be upgraded to lithium hydroxide, an essential raw material required for batteries, and in particular, electric vehicle batteries.

The Most Effective Method

Volt is currently using the extraction method that offers higher yields at a lower cost, and here’s why.

Lithium usually appears in compounds and is a mixture of other elements. The lithium compound needs to be extracted but also isolated so it can have a practical use. This process can get complicated, but Volt uses the most effective extraction method: Direct Lithium Extraction.

Proprietary Direct Lithium Extraction (“DLE”) has an extremely high recovery rate and is extremely environmentally friendly. According to International Battery Metals, “Over 98% of the brine water used is recycled back, which alleviates concerns about depleting water supplies for nearby peoples, an investment for ensuring the future of energy with minimal environmental impact.”

Volt is aiming to become North America’s first commercial producer of lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonates from oilfield brine. The corporation is already paving the way with:

  • Robust lithium reservoir with 78 billion barrels of lithium-infused brine with concentrations up to 119 mg/L
  • Lithium-infused brine already produced by partner, supporting H1 2023 pilot production
  • Strategic partnerships include established oil & gas producer owning $100MM of infrastructure and a chemicals company with lithium extraction expertise

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About Allied Copper Corp. (CPRRF):
Allied is a growth-oriented, battery-metals focused exploration company. Our Strategy is to acquire and develop low-cost, potentially high-growth battery metals assets that represent key inputs needed to support the global energy transition. Our commitment is to operate efficiently and with transparency across all areas of the business staying sharply focused on creating long-term, sustainable shareholder value.

About The Emerging Markets Report:
The Emerging Markets Report is owned and operated by Emerging Markets Consulting (EMC), a syndicate of investor relations consultants representing years of experience. Our network consists of stockbrokers, investment bankers, fund managers, and institutions that actively seek opportunities in the micro and small-cap equity markets.

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Source: Allied Copper Corp. (CPRRF) and Emerging Markets Consulting, LLC.

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